Dissent will grow louder..

Dissent will grow louder
Manisha Shastri
“Dissent will grow louder,
Louder and Louder,
Even their deaf ears
Will be forced to listen,
The scream for justice,
Will grow louder and louder.

How many will you kill?
More of us will rise,
Onto the streets we will spill
Fight with all our might.

Our causes may be different,
But our enemy is one,
In solidarity we all stand.

Our dissent will grow louder,
Louder and Louder
Your deaf ears will be forced to listen

The country will see,
Its own version of the Arab Spring,
Gone are the days of silence,
Quiet we will not stay.

Violent peace a lasted too long,
It’s time to throng the streets,
Let’s sing our revolutionary songs!”

(Rohith Vemula’s suicide on 17th January 2016 in protest against caste discrimination in the Hyderabad Central Universty stirred nationwide protests. The writer of this poem dedicated to Rohith and fighters for justice across India is active in the fields of disability, mental health and child rights.  Source: http://lsh.re/X234, via Liberation News Service.)

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