NDMLP May Day Rallies will be held on 1st May

14th April  2018

NDMLP May Day Rallies will be held on 1st May in Different Parts of the Country

Comrade SK Senthivel, General Secretary of the New-Democratic Marxist-Leninist Party made the following announcement at the May Day preparatory meeting with parties, trade unions and mass organisations.

The vast majority of the toiling masses face various hardships as a result of the continuous increase in prices of essential food items and other daily consumables and the rise in cost of living. The burden on the people is rising beyond bounds by the indebtedness and government taxation.

Three years have lapsed and the Maithri-Ranil ‘Good Governance’ regime has not come up with a solution or remedy for the problems. The basic reason for the problems is the opening up of the country to liberal imports, privatisation and consumer markets. This is a reflection of the neo-colonial, neo-liberal globalised economy. Those who benefit from them are not the ordinary working people, but the foreign multi-national giant companies and the local comprador capitalists. The two main ruling class parties and their leaders cloaked in Sinhala Buddhist chauvinism have vied with each other to preserve governmental power to protect this capitalist system.

The ruling classed led by the Maithri-Ranil leadership are continuing to carry forward the ruinous liberal economic system. If the erroneous neoliberal policies and practices that bring ruin to the country and the people are not stopped, a situation will arise where there could be no salvation for the people. It is essential for all to realise this on a political and economic basis
Hence the Party calls upon all to mobilise on the forthcoming May Day, the day international struggle of the workers of the world, to secure power for the toiling masses.

The Party also strongly condemns the government’s making an excuse of the day of Vesak and accompanying celebrations to shift the International Workers’ Day to the 7th of May. Thus the Party urges that the International Workers’ Day events conducted on 1st May worldwide should be conducted on the same day in Sri Lanka.

Today President Maithripala and Prime Minister Ranil are contending former President Mahinda in the political arena. Their conflict is not about resolving the problems engulfing the country and the people, but instead to keep in their control the comprador capitalist elite state in order to serve foreign capital and their local colleagues. That is why the biggest rogues and thieves in the country hold position in the name of parliamentary democracy. Events thus far have shown that, against public expectation, none of them will be investigated or punished for the massive crimes carried out by them in the past, because in elite politics they are all brothers.

Likewise, in the politics of the Tamils of the North and East, Hill Country Tamils and Muslims, capitalist political forces among them are only keen to have dominance and power through securing posts. This was clear in the recent elections to the local authorities and in securing control in the councils. That was ample evidence of the upper class elite reactionary hegemonic politics of the leaders of the North and East, Hill Country and Muslims.

Hence, the New-Democratic Marxist-Leninist Party calls upon the people to mobilise at the May Day processions and rallies to be held on 1st May in Puththur in Jaffna, Vavuniya town in the Vanni and Ragala in the Hill Country in order to reject these careerist forces and secure power for the toiling masses.

SK Senthivel

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