Tito Meza

Fidel, who came down from the Sierra Maestra
accompanied by the song of the goldfinches
with your warrior’s gun on your shoulder.
To plant the seeds of love was always your day’s work.
You light up every corner of
your island, surrounded by palm trees,
like a star.
You came down from the Sierra,
and were each of your warriors.
You were the discriminated black man,
you were the exploited worker,
you were the hard pressed student,
you were the people.
You came down from the Sierra victorious
The flag of the revolution
blazed in Latin America.
You came down from the Sierra
with your warriors erect with courage
planting seeds of love in every one of your people.
You were Lumumba in Africa,
you were Farabundo in El Salvador,
you were Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam.
Fidel you were the people,
you lived so that they could live
The excluded poor of America.
You were the excluded blacks of Harlem,
the exploited miners of Appalachia,
you were love and revolution.
Fidel, who came down from the Sierra,
commander, a blacksmith forging the new man.
You light up like a star
The path of liberty of our Latin America!

(Courtesy: Ray O’ Light Newsletter, January-February2017    , No.100)

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