I am an Unconquered Lamb

Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd

I am born as a lamb
In the meadows of caste
All around me were wolves
Educated abroad to be nationalists
My competition on the grass land
Was seen as anti-national.
My knowledge of the land, water, forests
Was seen as meritless madness.
My awareness of myself
Was seen as Un-Indian absurdity.

They wanted to swallow me
Yet I survived as I am not EKALAVYA
I advanced as I am not BALIRAJA
I declared, I am Not a Hindu, as I am not KABIR
I know the language that they never knew
I rejected the authority of all wolves
I operated outside their ideology
I am Ilaiah Shepherd
Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd

[Released on the occasion of 64th Birthday of Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd, reputed scholar and Dalit activist. Source: http://www.thecitizen.in/index.php/NewsDetail/index/9/8871/I-Am-An-Unconquered-Lamb]

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